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We are currently open by appointments only! Please call: 416 - 858 - 9034

Phi Design Inc. custom cabinetry & millwork: custom kitchens, pantries, serveries, office kitchenettes; kitchen re-facings; bathroom vanities and storage cabinetry; walk-in closets, reach in closets, wardrobes; wall beds and murphy beds, custom bedroom furniture; built-ins, entertainment units, fireplace mantels and surrounds; home offices, libraries, built-in desks, mudrooms, laundry rooms, basement bars, custom wine cellar cabinets; custom retail millwork, store fixtures and retail solutions, reception desks, cashier desks, display and jewelry showcases.
custom cabinetry & interiors
About Us
We are a Toronto based company and we specialize in
designing and manufacturing of fine custom cabinetry and interiors.
  • Custom Kitchens, Pantries, Serveries, Office Kitchenettes;

  • Bathroom Vanities and Storage cabinetry;

  • Walk-in Closets, Reach-in Closets, Wardrobes;

  • Custom Bedroom Furniture, Wall Beds and Murphy Beds;

  • Built-ins, Entertainment Units, Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds;

  • Home Offices, Libraries, Built-in Desks, Kids Study Areas;

  • Mudrooms, Laundry Rooms, Sport Lockers, Storage cabinets;

  • Basement Bars, Home Theater cabinets, Custom Wine Cellar;

  • Custom Retail Millwork, Store Fixtures and Retail solutions,

  • Reception desks, Cashier desks, Displays and Jewelry Showcases.

Among many reasons is our long standing fascination with numbers,
and Phi (1.618…) represents the Golden Ratio,
a concept that has been employed in architecture and design for centuries.
But we will let those of you previously unfamiliar with the subject explore it on your own.
In the mean time let us introduce ourselves:
Meet The Team
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Brian Babcock

Brian was a master plate maker working for a large printing company when he sat up a radial arm saw in his living room one day and made his first cabinet. While his neighbors weren’t too thrilled with his new hobby, it gradually grew into a business that twenty five years later would bring us all together as a team. Brian’s work can be found in some of Toronto’s most prominent locations, and you may have seen some of his projects on Designer Guys, a Canadian TV series. Brian’s endless optimism and enthusiasm truly make him the soul of this team.  

Misha "Mike" Gerasimov

His obsession with shapes and volumes began at the age of ten, as he drew inspiration from the well of four-wheeled wonders forged by masters like Harley J Earl and Giorgetto Giugiaro, and filled any blank piece of paper he got his hands on with designs of his own. Years later this affinity played a crucial part in his decision to take a step back from a career of an educator in linguistics and philosophy and try his hand at creating things out of wood and metal, even if it was just to prove that common materials are as much a medium and can convey philosophy just as well as written word. 

Artem “Tim” Ryk

A financier by education, fifteen years ago Tim chose to abandon a career in finance for a risky endeavor in manufacturing, which with all its challenges turned out to be ever more rewarding.  His broad experience in the industry , mastery of multiple skills from fine woodworking to automotive finishing, and superhuman attention to detail are the backbone of our manufacturing process. It’s worth noting that many of the Tim’s projects betray an avid automotive enthusiast in him.

Oksana Bedo

Oksana first dabbled in interior design at the age of six when she embarked upon a mission of building a dollhouse with her brother playing the role of contractor. It was probably then that she first discovered her love for creating and transforming spaces, playing with colors and textures. She went on to study design in college and in 2006 began her professional career as a designer. Today Oksana is our Chief Designer with over ten years of experience in the field and the creative center of this team.

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