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Individuality: we believe that the spaces we create should not only bear the mark of our artistic vision, but also reflect tastes and habits of the occupants. We make a point of trying to get to know our customers and bring their personalities into our unique designs.


Ergonomics: we aim for our designs to not only be based on general principles of HF&E but to be tailored to our customers’ physical idiosyncrasies. To give an example, when designing cabinetry for a kitchen, height and reach of the person who will cook in that kitchen are important factors to consider.


Sustainability: we strive to create timeless designs. If something is built to last structurally as well as aesthetically, and fitted to a specific scheme of needs of an individual or a group, it will not be easily let go of and contribute to global clutter, which happens with mass produced pieces when fads pass.


Artistry: in our approach we make effort to not only understand the complexity and diversity of the world we live in today, but examine and employ the sum of artistic expressions throughout history. We believe we live in a unique time of unprecedented freedom of expression, when no architectural style or trend is banished. Certain allusions and citations may create new dimensions within familiar contexts.


Harmony: ideally, all spaces inside a dwelling should relate to and compliment each other functionally and visually. When you apply the same principle to the relations between indoor spaces of a house and the outdoors the results are very rewarding.


Functionality: our goal is to help our customers make the most of their spaces so that nothing is wasted. Sometimes that means removing or moving existing walls, changing locations of electrical outlets or vents, adding doors and windows. When these types of changes need to be made, we resort to the expertise of our select partners.

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